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Graduate Dissertations

PhD Dissertations on Research Conducted at the Ross Biological Reserve Since 1980

Ronald, Kelly, PhD. 2016. The role of individual variation in auditory and visual processing: implications for mate-choice. Major professor: Jeffrey Lucas

Robertshaw, Asya, PhD. 2014. Effects of temperature, resources, and pollinator availability on plant reproductive success in Indiana spring ephemerals. Major professor: Nancy Emery

Shields, Josh, PhD. 2014. Effects of Amur honeysuckle (Lonicera maackii) invasion and removal on native vegetation and white-footed mice (Peromyscus leucopus) in mixed-hardwood forests of IN. Major professor: Michael Jenkins

Moore, Bret A., PhD. 2014. A Multidimensional Approach to Comparative Avian Visual Systems. Major professor: Esteban Fernández-Juricic

Gall, Megan D., PhD. 2012. Effects of Species, Sex, and Season on Auditory Processing in Songbirds. Major professor: Jeffrey Lucas

Nolen, Mark E., PhD. 2010. Communication in Mixed Species Flocks. Major professor: Jeffrey Lucas

Henry, Kenneth S., PhD. 2010. A Comparative Study of Avian Auditory Processing. Major professor: Jeffrey Lucas

Rizkalla, Carol R., PhD. 2009. Modeling Connectivity for Forest Rodents. Major professor: Robert Swihart

Moore, James E., PhD. 2005. Ecology of Animal-Mediated Seed Dispersal in the Fragmented central Hardwoods Region. Major professor: Robert Swihart

Kellam, James S., PhD. 2003. Downy Woodpecker Pair Bond Maintenance in Winter: Proximate and Ultimate Mechanisms. Major professor: Jeffrey Lucas

Gehring, TM., PhD. 2000. Ecology of Mammalian Predators in a Fragmented Landscape. Major Professor: Robert Swihart

Mossman, CA., PhD. 1999. Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on Microsatellite Genetic Structure of Populations of White-footed Mice (Peromyscus leucopus). Major professor: Peter Waser

Page, Laura, PhD. 1998. Ecology and Transmission Dynamics of Baylisascaris procyonis. Major professor: Robert Swihart

Nupp, Thomas E., PhD. 1997. Population Dynamics and Community Structure of Granivorous Forest Rodents in a Fragmented Landscape. Major professor: Robert Swihart

Fauth, Peter T., PhD. 1997. Effects of Forest Fragmentation on Breeding and Migrating Birds in a Midwestern Landscape. Major professor: Kerry Rabenold

Zielinski, Denise, PhD. 1996. Reproductive and Environmental Influences on Energy Regulation. Major professor: Jeffrey Lucas

Whiteman, Howard, PhD. 1993. Evolution of alternative life histories in the tiger salamander, Ambystoma tigrinum nebulosum. Major professor: Richard Howard

Bromer, William R., PhD. 1988. Dispersal of Dogwood Seeds by Avian Frugivores: Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences. Major Professor: Kerry Rabenold

Keane, Brian, PhD. 1988. Inbreeding and Outbreeding Depression in the White-footed Mouse, Peromyscus leucopus, and the Role of Kin Recognition and Dispersal in Minimizing Such Costs. Major Professor: Peter Waser

Wissinger, Scott A., PhD. 1986. Comparative Life Histories and Larval Population Interactions in a Diverse Assemblage of Dragonflies (Odonata: Anisoptera). Major Professor: Richard Howard

King, Richard B., PhD. 1985. The Maintenance of Color Pattern Polymorphism in Water Snakes, Nerodia sipedon insularium. Major Professor: Richard Howard

Thirakhupt, Kumthorn, PhD. 1985. Foraging Ecology of Sympatric Parids: Individual and Population Responses to Winter Food Scarcity. Major Professor: Kerry Rabenold

Jarosz, Andrew M., PhD. 1984. Evolutionary and Ecological Dynamics of Phlox-Powdery Mildew Interactions. Major Professor: Morris Levy

Austad, Steven N., PhD. 1981. Competitive Mate Foraging in the Bowl and Doily Spider (Frontinella pyramitela). Major Professor: Peter Waser

McCrea, Kenneth D., PhD. 1981. Ultraviolet Floral Patterning, Reproductive Isolation and Character Displacement in the Genus Rudbeckia (Compositae). Major Professor: Morris Levy