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Species listed below are those expected to occur in or near reserve. (* = presence confirmed in reserve)

Opossum species
Common name
Scientific name
Virginia opossum* Didelphis virginiana


Shrew and mole species
Common name
Scientific name
Masked shrew Sorex cinerceus
Southeastern shrew Sorex longirostris
Short-tailed shrew* Blarina brevicauda
Least shrew* Cryptotis parva
Eastern mole* Scalopus aquaticus


Bat species
Common name
Scientific name
Little brown bat Myotis lucifugus
Northern myotis Myotis septentrionalis
Indiana myotis Myotis sodalis
Silver-haired bat Lasionycteris noctivaganus
Eastern pipistrelle Perimyotis subflavus
Big brown bat Eptesicus fuscus
Evening bat Nycticeius humeralis
Red bat* Lasiurus borealis
Hoary bat Lasiurus cinereus


Rabbit, chipmunk, woodchuck, squirrel, mouse and vole species
Common name
Scientific name
Eastern cottontail* Sylvilagus floridanus
Eastern chipmunk* Tamias striatus
Woodchuck* Marmota monax
Gray squirrel* Sciurus carolinensis
Fox squirrel* Sciurus niger
Southern flying squirrel* Glancomys volans
Beaver Castor canadensis
Deer mouse* Peromyscus maniculatus
Harvest mouse Reithrodontomys
White-footed mouse* Peromyscus leucopus
Prairie vole Microtus ochrogaster
Meadow vole* Microtus pennsylvanicus
Woodland vole Microtus pinetorum
Muskrat Ondrata zibethicus
Meadow jumping mouse* Zapus hudsonius


Coyote, fox, raccoon, weasel, skunk and deer species
Common nameScientific name
Coyote* Canis latrans
Red fox* Vulpes vulpes
Gray fox Urocyon cinereoargenteus
Raccoon* Procyon lotor
Least weasel Mustela nivalis
Long-tailed weasel Mustela frenata
Mink Mustela vison
Striped skunk Mephitis mephitis
White-tailed deer* Odocoileus virginiaus

Expected presence derived from:
Whitaker, J. and R. E. Mumford. 2009. Mammals of Indiana. Indiana University Press, Bloomington. 661

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